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twenty-one o'clock

social hour for Panic At The Disco/FBR fans

21:00 : Social hour for Panic At The Disco Fans
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Social chat community for 18+ fans of Panic At The Disco and other FBR/DD bands.

Please make sure your year of birth is visible on your LJ profile. Please? We really don't like rejecting people.

Welcome to twentyoneoclock, a social community for adult fans of Panic at the Disco and other bands on the Fueled By Ramen and DecayDance labels.

The purpose of this community is to provide a casual place for adult fans to chat about the latest FBR news and gossip, post pictures, talk about concert experiences, and otherwise discuss anything that relates to the FBR/DD bands. Your community maintainers pledge to be benevolent dictators; since we're all adults here, we don't expect to have a lot of problems. Please note the posting policies below. Rules will be subject to refinement as the community grows.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

What's all this about "adults?" Does this involve porn?
When we say adult, we generally mean that you are equal to or greater than 18 years of age. Before you click to join the community, please make sure that your birth year is visible on your journal profile page so the maintainers can check it before adding you.

No, this is not a porn community. We do enjoy the existing band communities (and probably everyone here will belong to many of them), but sometimes we feel like a fish out of water when everyone else is talking about the trials of going to concerts with their parents and we want to talk about the trials of flying to a different city to see a concert.

I am under 18, but I am very mature. I want to join.
Please write to one of the maintainers (listed below) and state your case. We're nice people. However, please keep in mind that we want to maintain the identity of this community as more or less 18+.

Tell me about posting here.

  • Only community members can post and comment.
  • The default security setting for posts to this community is "public." You are welcome to lock a post so it is only visible to community members if you think it is appropriate. We'd like you to keep most posts public so potential members can get a sense of whether they want to join.
  • This is not a fanfiction community. Links, recommendations, and discussion of fanfic is okay, but please do not post fic directly here.
  • Try to keep all posts related to FBR/DD bands in some way.
  • Regarding all other posting matters: your common sense, show us it.

Panic At The Disco and other FBR bands? What's the deal?
The maintainers of the community met through /patd and are both big Panic fans. However, celiarosalind and jenepherre also really like to sing along to The Hush Sound, and have been known to listen to Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., and Phantom Planet among others. Admit it, if you're on LJ and are a fan of one of the FBR/DD bands, you most likely have at least a passing acquaintance with the others. Chat about any FBR/DD band is welcome - we'll know what you're talking about.

twentyoneoclock? That's not even a real thing.
We are starting this community in the era of Nine in the Afternoon, and if you apply your math skills, you'll discover that 21:00 is 9:00PM. Also, the guys in Panic are around the age of 21. We thought it was clever, anyway.

I still have questions!
Don't fret. Send us a message though LJ and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Panic At The Disco and other FBR bands are fantastic! Great music and wacky offstage hijinks! I can't wait to talk about them.
We agree. Join us!