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07 March 2008 @ 07:07 pm
New Songs!!!  
Well, pinkkchocolate beat me to it and posted the two additional songs from the "Nine In The Afternoon" CD Single.  You can find them here: http://community.livejournal.com/patd/2202552.html

If those links go bad for some reason, let me know and I'll upload them for you guys.

I'm so totally blown away by these songs!  They're both basically acoustic, and Ryan sings one of them all alone.  And his voice is perfect for that particular song.  I have goosebumps.  The one Brendon sings is amazing too.  I'm just in love with both of them.  I almost wonder if I'll like the album versions as much as these alternate versions, partly because I love acoustic songs.

(Yeah, I'm cross-posting this on both panic_obsessed and my own journal. Sorry if you happen to have both of those and twentyoneoclock on your f-list! But I'm so excited!!!)
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I'm hearing: Panic At The Disco - Behind The Sea (Alternate Version)
celiarosalind: don't you remember when I was a bird andceliarosalind on March 10th, 2008 04:07 am (UTC)
I was away for the weekend so I missed the kerfuffle! I hate to miss all the good stuff. Jen, I agree, I like acoustic versions too. :-)

First the spazzy outpouring of love: I think "Do You Know What I'm Seeing" is so beautiful! Check out the vibrato on the vocal - very, very nice. For that alone this "alternate" version will always and forever be my favorite version of the song. There are so many other quirks about it that I love, one of them being that the last word goes up in pitch rather than down. Maybe I'm weird, but the first time I listened to it I anticipated that it would go down, and when it didn't I was like "Ooh. That's interesting. That tickles!" I think it sort of changed my overall experience of the song in an interesting way. Also, if you're into noticing this sort of thing, the person who mixed this version had some pretty radical ideas about panning (how some instruments seem to be located in different places in space around you, particularly if you're listening to it on good headphones). But it works for me. Put it on your iPod or equivalent, turn it up so it's just a tiny bit loud, sit, and close your eyes. Imagine you're in the center of an empty room and picture the groups of musicians appearing around you as you hear each of them start playing. So cool!

I have to be honest, it took me a few listens to warm up to "Behind the Sea" and I'm still not completely on board with that one. I can see how other people would like it, and I can appreciate it for its place in, shall we say, the PATD oeuvre. Two things spoil it for me personally...as soon as I hear "god" in a song I get all tense about it and start thinking, "Do I agree with what they are saying, do I disagree...?" And their lyrics are fairly opaque, so I have no idea what they are saying or not saying about god in this song, if it is literal or metaphorical or if they just like that syllable or what. Second, again completely personal, "watermelon smiles" does not pass my filter for "shennanigans I will allow in song lyrics." I'm not sure why that irks me while nothing else so far does. There's no accounting for taste! Anyway, I don't hate it, I just...like it less? I feel cautious about it.

I am still voting for "Green Gentleman" and now for "Do You Know" as my favorites. "Gentleman" because I like to dance around during the funky part. This is totally schmoopy, but I will admit that after a couple times through "Do You Know" when I had appreciated some of the things going on in it musically, and the fact that it just sounds so lovely, it made my jaded little heart just a tiny bit happy to be alive and to have experienced it. I would never say that to any of my real life friends, they would die of shock to hear me say it, but it's true.

Anyway, anyone else have opinions or feelings about the new songs? Mostly I see people posting one line things on /patd like "I love it." That's cool, but I'm interested in finding out about other peoples' reactions to the new stuff in more detail (being as wordy as me not required). Indulge me?